The Blockchain Protocol
Terp Culture

Terp Network helps realize a sovereign blockchain ecosystem,
for a full spectrum of verifiable buisness logic.

75+ Interoperable Networks, Ø Presale Raised, with Industry Standard Cryptography

Applications on Terp Network bridge self-soviergnty & interoperability into our community.

Infusing Censorship Resistant

Utilize any combination of Terp Network's features in your buisness model to benefit from sovereign, censorship-resistant solutions.

Decentralized Finance
Governance Tooling
Enabling decentralized decision-making and governance in the network and DAOs.
Multi-Chain Models
Leverage other Independent blockchains use-cases.
Non Fungible Tokens
Non Fungible Tokens
Unique digital asset with verifiable ownership and provable scarcity.
Privacy preserving protocols on Terp Network.
Interoperable Smart Contracts - Home of CosmWasm
What is it?

A Community Owned

A simple, hyperfocused ecosystem for opting-out of traditional systems, & self-perscribing ways we can collaborate accountably & effectively.
Utilizing the Cosmos SDK & CometBFT Consensus to ensure high throughput and fast contract execution.
Low cost deployment up to 35000 times cheaper than gen 2 blockchain networks.
Deployment on Terp Network and interoperable with your favorite blockchain, thanks to Inter-Blockchain-Communication Technology (IBC).
Smart Contracts
Hyper-Focused, Cultural Platform
A platform away from the noise from generalized networks, to focus on what matters to us.
Fully Non-Custodial
Not your keys, not your coins.
Skip the middleman and enjoy a seamless connection between you and what you value.

Staking Terp
Terp Network is a proof-of-stake blockchain which allows users to stake their funds, as staking rewards are distributed to stakers every block. At any time, stakers can claim their accumulated rewards via their wallet.
  • Secure the Network
  • Earn Staking Rewards
  • Govern the Network
Smart Contracts

Easy access to Decentralized Exchanges

Swap & LP your Juno on various Interchain DEXs.
(17%) Veg Stage 1:72,974,297.46 $TERP 72,974,297.46 $THIOL
(15%) Terp Network Foundation DAO:(Vested over 7 years, i.e. non-circulating):63,000,000 $TERP63,000,000 $THIOL
(63%) Community Pool:284,025,702.54 $TERP284,025,702.54 $THIOL

Token Economics

Terp Network is a completely community owned and operated smart contract platform.

The majority of the genesis supply was stakedropped to atom & bcna holders, committed to the locked community pool, and allocated to the vested development reserve.

  • No seed sale, no private sale, no public sale
  • Fairdrop / Stakedrop Genesis launch
  • Genesis supply to 163.000 unique atom & bcna stakers
  • Ownership distribution to Cannabis + Web3 communities