The Blockchain Protocol
Terp Culture

Terp Network is a sovereign blockchain ecosystem, for helping nuture a
full spectrum of verifiable buisness logic.

Infinite Interoperable Networks, Ø Presale Raised, with Industry Standard Cryptography

Applications on Terp Network bridge self-soviergnty & interoperability into our community.

Infusing Censorship Resistant

Utilize any combination of Terp Network's features in your buisness model to benefit from sovereign, censorship-resistant solutions.

Decentralized Finance
Governance Tooling
Enabling decentralized decision-making and governance in the network and DAOs.
Multi-Chain Models
Compliment other blockchains use-case profiles with your own.
Non Fungible Tokens
Verifiable Frameworks
Logic that can be verified unlocks trust in technology deployed here.
Privacy Methods
Features to respect the data we create as individuals, not just value it.
Interoperable Smart Contracts - Home of CosmWasm
What is it?

A Community Owned

A simple, hyperfocused ecosystem for opting-out of traditional systems, & self-perscribing ways we can collaborate accountably & effectively.
High throughput and fast finality, thanks to the open source consensus framework CometBFT.
Low cost for realistic micropayment strategies.

Power your creative and functional systems that are interoperable with the Interchain Ecosystem
Smart Contracts
Hyper-Focused, Cultural Platform
A platform away from the noise from generalized networks, to focus on what matters to us.
Fully Non-Custodial
Not your keys, not your coins.
Skip the middleman and enjoy a seamless connection between you and what you value.

Staking To Ensure
Terp Network is a proof-of-stake blockchain, meaning users stake their funds, which contributes to ensure the mimimum expected voting power required for the network to produce blocks.

Users who stake can earn rewards after each new block and at any time, stakers can claim their accumulated rewards via their wallet.
  • Secure the Network
  • Earn Staking Rewards
  • Govern the Network
Smart Contracts

Easy access to Decentralized Exchanges

Swap & LP your Terp on various Interchain DEXs.
(17%) Veg Stage 1:72,974,297.46 $TERP 72,974,297.46 $THIOL
(15%) Terp Network Foundation DAO:(Vested over 7 years, i.e. non-circulating):63,000,000 $TERP63,000,000 $THIOL
(63%) Community Pool:284,025,702.54 $TERP284,025,702.54 $THIOL

Token Economics

Terp Network is a completely community owned and operated smart contract platform.

The majority of the genesis supply was stakedropped to atom & bcna holders, committed to the locked community pool, and allocated to the vested development reserve.

  • No seed sale, no private sale, no public sale
  • Fairdrop / Stakedrop Genesis launch
  • Genesis supply to 163.000 unique atom & bcna stakers
  • Ownership distribution to Cannabis + Web3 communities